Saturday, April 11, 2015

Progress Report & April Fundraising

March was an insanely good month to us... our friends, family and God continue to blow our minds.  We are now up to $9,650 in funds raised!  We had several donations made to us by friends and more fundraising efforts were successful.  One dear friend of our made her famous salsa from scratch and we sold all the jars before I was ever able to promote the fact that we were selling them!  48 jars of salsa, gone in a week and a half!  That's just amazing.  We may get another chance to sell that incredible salsa again really soon, but I will keep you all updated on that.

Big thanks to Denise for her time and efforts in making the salsa, jarring it and make the awesome labels.  We are so grateful for her and her husband Todd.

So what's next?

Well, more fundraising!  That's right.  As I mentioned previously, we have to raise $16,500 to go active and begin presenting.  We have several new fundraising opportunities for April.  Here are a few ways you can "Shop to Adopt" in April:

We had such success with our Tshirt sale last month and so many people said they didn't get a chance to order them, so we are offering them again.  Our vendor has offered to print another batch as long as we sell at least 10.  So head on over here -->
And check them out! We got ours in and they are SO soft.  Zoey loves hers! 
ETSY: Abby's Shop
For two years now, I have run an Etsy shop.  I design from scratch and sell invitation, art prints, party decor, etc.  This has been a hobby of mine that I originally started doing to pay off some of Zoey's medical bills.  Now 500 sales later, the Lord has blossomed this into a small side business that I absolutely love.  I have never really advertised my shop because frankly, I am friends with some insanely talented graphic artists.  My skills pale in comparison to theirs, but in the name of adoption, I'm coming out of hiding. ;)  Haha.
100% of my sales are going directly towards funding our adoption.  Go check it out -->

My sweet friend, Kelly Hellums sells Scentsy and is offering her entire 20% commission April 12-18 to us for our adoption.  How incredibly generous of her!  So head on over to the catalog and check out all the options just in time for Mother's Day!!!  You can download and view the catalog here:
Then contact Kelly on Facebook or by email or phone: or (334) 221-6144

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to my extremely talented friend Suzie of Suzanne Williams Photography.  Suzie donated a session to us and took some of the most beautiful pictures of our family for our adoption profile.  How in the world she made us look so good and all look at the camera... I have no clue.  In the midst of her busy schedule, Suzie finds time to donate her talents by photographing foster care children and charitable events.  I'm going to put a few of those shots right here.  Thank you so much Suzie for your generosity and heart for the orphan.  Check her out on Facebook or at

 We sure can't wait to fill that empty chair! 

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