Monday, December 29, 2014

First Home Study Visit in the Books

First home study visit is done!

Our super sweet social worker came by the house for a few hours.  It was mostly a meet, greet, counseling and dropping off of… duh duh ddduuuuhhhh… even more paperwork.  Good gracious me at the paper work.

It really was painless. I mean I will admit... we did a little running around before she arrived and added a few more baby-proof things to outlet covers, cabinets, etc. but she was very complimentary and kind. She talked to us about why we wanted to adopt and the risks of adopting and how we should talk about adoption with our adopted child and the rest of our family.  Basically… open communication is key!  That was pretty much the take away.

So now we are up to our eyeballs in what the adoption community calls the paper chase.  We are chasing around tons of documentation and recommendations and surveys and biographies.

Not too exciting of an update but it's an update nonetheless!

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