Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Puzzle Pieces and Bracelets!

It has almost been a month since I have updated, so I figured it was time for an update.

No baby yet. We have seen several cases, eight to be exact, and for various reasons none of these have been our baby.  So we are still waiting.  Waiting is hard. I'm not a good wait-er.  At all. I'm so ready to know who this precious baby will be, how old he will be, what he will look like, where he will be, etc.  But for now we wait.  Wait on the Lord to send us this precious gift.

And while we are waiting, we are still fundraising. We took a week off to go on vacation and take a breather from the fundraising.  It was a much needed break and very refreshing.  We spent nearly a week at the lake with family, relaxed and had a great time.

Now back to fundraising!  As of this moment we have $20,050 raised and saved.  With our ultimate goal of $33,000, that leaves $13,250 to go.  Over half way there!  Woot!!!  So I'm sure you guessed the next part of this post... Fundraising opportunities!!!

We have two ways you can support us in our fundraising efforts: bracelets and puzzles pieces.  Sounds easy enough doesn't it?!  Here are all the details!

Jerrod's cousin is a very talented lady. She makes all sorts of things. One of the things she makes is jewelry.  Right now in her Etsy shop you can purchase these awesome bracelets.  Proceeds will go to our adoption!  Click here to see her beautiful work.  Purchase one or several and stack them!  Either way, you will be playing such an important part in helping us bring home Baby Dorminey #3!!!

Puzzle Pieces
In a lot of ways, this adoption has felt like one big puzzle.  We have worked over the past 8 months to put the pieces of a puzzle together that will ultimately lead us to our child.  And believe me when I say, God has been in all the details.  So when I was trying to think of another fundraiser to work on, I really wanted to pick something that people could really feel like and show that they played a part in bringing our next littlest one home.  Thus the puzzle fundraiser!
Puzzle fundraisers are very popular in the adoption community.  Basically I designed a puzzle and ordered.  This puzzle consists of 252 pieces.  We are also ordering a two sided picture frame.  Here's where you come in! You get to help us put together pieces of the puzzle by "purchasing" a piece each for $30.  You can purchase one or two or five or ten. However many you feel led to purchase. And each puzzle piece you purchase will have your name on the back of the puzzle piece.
Then when the puzzle is complete we will frame it in a double-sided frame and put it on display in our little guy's room.  This will be something I save for as long as I live to show him just how loved and wanted and prayed over he was by so so SO many people.
So do you want your name on one of those puzzle pieces?!  If so, you can simply click the "Click Here to DONATE" button at the right side of my blog.  Sounds pretty easy right?!

Everyone's support thus far has been mind blowing! We can't wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds. Thank you for all your support, especially your prayers!!!!

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